You can find lumber and supplies anywhere. What you won’t find is the personal service you get from the Thrifty team. Our personable and professional team goes above and beyond our customers’ expectations daily.

In addition to our industry knowledge (over 1,000 years combined), we value our ability to provide customized solutions to our clients. And we’re with them during every phase of a project –– from design to project completion

Team Members

Headshot - Mike Berry

Mike Berry
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 870-4743

Headshot - Austin Cole

Austin Cole
Outside Sales

Headshot - Barry Hinesley

Barry Hinesley
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 553-7828

Headshot - Brandall Kenney

Brandall Kenney
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 604-6270

Headshot - Ned Laughlin

Ned Laughlin
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 268-7221

Headshot - Joey Linn

Joey Linn
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 237-3304

Headshot - Rick Skelton

Rick Skelton
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 870-0484

Headshot - Justin Skinner

Justin Skinner
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 335-0186

Headshot - Randy Smith

Randy Smith
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 461-6121

Headshot - Jerry Whitmire

Jerry Whitmire
Outside Sales
Cell: (901) 553-1795